Our motivation

It is up to us whether we find someone disturbing. Of course, it is easy for us to point our finger at other people. But we cannot guess the stories, paths and sufferings behind the personalities. People who do not conform to the "norm" still have to fight especially hard for their status. The pressure of our society is enormous and seems to become more and more. We are ready to break down clichés with our semester film project.

Let’s pull together, get open for unknown people and show appreciation.
It is up to us whether we meet someone at eye level.


How do you feel about your fellow people?

Share your feelings.

We could already inspire an Austrian brand, that from now on wants to consciously put social issues and emotions into the foreground. How about you?

Do you rethink the first impression you have of people?
Does your circle of friends consist only of a certain group of people?
Are you afraid to talk about a taboo?

Much love for our unbreakable characters, who have
sharpened our minds with their stories.


Christoph Amort

Director, Concept


Patricia Neuhauser

Script, Concept


Christoph Platzer

Director of Photography, Concept

Big thanks to everyone
who put so much love in this project.


Christoph Amort / Patricia Neuhauser / Christoph Platzer
Magdalena Umkehrer / Lea Sophie Kurz / Paula Nikolussi / Oliver Rienzner
Jakob Bacher / Lukas Ignaz Halder / Max Blum / Amar Mehmedovic
Ilonka Petruschka / Hüseyin Kahraman / Maximilian Schwarzhuber
Manon Kahle / Michael Thelonious Hamel / Jakob Vasak
Till Fuhrmeister